Windows Desktop App

The tutorials client application is a Windows application which can be installed on your system using "Click Once" installation technology. When you click the installation link below the application will be downloaded, installed and will open for the first time.

Once installed you can run the application in the usual way from an icon on your desktop, or from an icon in the "Synergex" folder in your start menu. You can uninstall the application at any time via the "Programs and Features" option in the Windows Control Panel.

Installing this application requires Windows Installer 3.1 and the .NET Framework 4.0 to be installed on your system. If either of these components is missing then they will be downloaded directly from Microsoft, and installed before the client application is downloaded.

IMPORTANT: This installation procedure may not work in some older versions of browsers such as Chrome or Firefox. If you have problems installing the application using one of these browssers then please try using Internet Explorer.

Client Installation

Name: Synergy Tutorials
Publisher: Synergex International Corporation
The following prerequisites are required:
  • Windows Installer 3.1
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile (x86 and x64)
If these components are already installed, you can launch the application now. Otherwise, click the button below to install the prerequisites and run the application.